Pickman für Gemeinden

Municipalities ~ Universities ~ Hotels ~ Dormitories

For the daily tasks of the municipal building yard and caretaker duties.


Industry & craft businesses ~ Delivery services

For the supply of the construction site and for the delivery of ordered goods.

Farmers & Foresters ~ Recreation & Wildlife Parks

For daily work in the fields and meadows.




The Pickman from Kaiyun Motors is revolutionising the commercial vehicle market.

100% electrically powered, the Pickman reaches a top speed of 80 km/h and, with its range of 120 km, is one of the most economical commercial vehicles in the short-distance supply sector.

Municipalities, universities, hotels, residential homes, industrial and craft businesses, delivery services as well as farmers and foresters, leisure and wildlife parks and many more benefit from its economy in their daily work.

Powerful and efficient, it is ready for big tasks with its 4x4 all-wheel drive. It is also environmentally friendly and economical.
Comprehensive safety and comfort features.

The robust and durable body, made of pressed and welded sheet steel, has successfully passed various crash tests. The Pickman fulfils the latest safety standards.

The large windscreen provides a perfect view and the wide rear window guarantees a first-class overview when manoeuvring in reverse.
And where will you be travelling to tomorrow with your Pickman?



The KAIYUN Motors project started as a subsidiary of CSG DESIGN, which also develops vehicle designs for the Hongqi brand, the Chinese alternative to Rolls-Royce.

The engineers at Kaiyun Motors have been dedicated to the design and development of new electric vehicles for the local supply sector since 2013 and have been working in cooperation with the Harbin Institute of Technology since 2020. The new body structure developed by Kaiyun offers improved protection for the occupants and was registered as a patent in 2018. In Europe, the project has joined forces with WANKE Automotive, which has developed a high-quality electronics concept for Kaiyun vehicles.

With the Pickman models, Kaiyun Motors offers an affordable and highly efficient transport solution for the local supply sector.

Kaiyun Mototrs